Therapy for Mamas

I believe in every mother lies an inherent wisdom—a primitive maternal instinct that will not lead you astray when trusted. For many of us, this voice has been quieted by a lifetime of experiences leading up to motherhood. It can be hard to access our maternal instinct for a number of reasons: a history of trauma or abuse, feelings of depression or anxiety, questioning our own parents’ decisions and how they affected us. As mothers we are accosted with others’ beliefs about how we should raise our babies. It can be impossible to weed through the messages from our partners, our families, and society to ultimately make the best decisions for our little ones.

As a therapist, and a fellow mother, I do not have all the right answers… you do. It is my job to work with you to unearth your maternal instinct, to connect with it, and to let it shine. In our work together, you will learn to trust your inherent wisdom.

I am not a silent nodder. I actively participate in the work we do together. You and I will connect and collaborate in a relationship rooted in trust. The deepest transformation occurs in relationships where each person feels safe expressing vulnerability, fears, and passions.